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PIG (w/ former KMFDM members) on tour NOW 
10:53pm 25/06/2006
(featuring Raymond Watts and Guenter Schulz, ex-KMFDM)
Mindless Faith 
Digital Mindy

On Tour Now:
More info at:
***Slick cynical lyrics delivered with growling vocals on top of a razor and nail mattress of driving guitars, heavy synths, and aggressive beats to create this industrial-rock accomplishment that no fan of KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Fear Factory, or Static-X should be without.***

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04:33pm 04/01/2006
  Just a very quick note, Hi, selling official KMFDM T-shirts on ebay. All from my own collection, in good condition, please check them out.
Here @ E-bay

I will post to the USA and Europe, just make sure you email me first.
Thanks for looking,


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chuo 89.1fm's "What The...?" rips the system with KMFDM this Monday from 3:30pm to 5pm!!! 
08:26pm 02/10/2005
mood: ill
This fall, KMFDM are trampling their way to and through your hometown (or one just like it, near you) in support of their latest album, 'Hau Ruck'. It is our duty, here at "What The...?", to prepare you for the upcoming onslaught.

Hau Ruck!!!

Time and time again, KMFDM have hit home with their unique brand of ultra heavy beat. And in these days of newfound 'patriotism', especially in light of persistent corruption and injustice at the hands of Junior's administration, their message has become more and more focused and ever more incendiary.

With the release of 'Hau Ruck', their 20th album, KMFDM have followed up on the promise of 2003's 'WWIII' and given us another incisive criticism of the system. From 'Free Your Hate' to 'New American Society', Sascha and co. are bent on removing our collective blinds, channeling our discontentment, and finally getting out of the downward spiral that we're in...

On this week's show, we'll be talking with KMFDM about their new album, their revitalization as a group, and their message. We'll gel this together with some of our favourite tracks from the last three studio albums, including live versions that will both introduce you to their energy and/or prepare you for their upcoming concerts.

So what are you waiting for? Jog yourselves out of your complacency this Monday from 3:30pm to 5:00pm (eastern), and heave ho with CHUO 89.1FM's "What The...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

Please note that "What The...?" can also be heard on the web via chuo.fm

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12:39pm 01/10/2005

Please bare with my incoherant fan girl type post.

OMFG. You'll never believe what I did tonight. I've been sick as a dog but I decided to stick out the kmfdm concert anyways.

exousia and luciacifarelli

I gave her a little card with my email address and a polite request to have her photograph the jewelry on her and email me the photos. (I have a little business at www.formulaexo.com) I practically zombied my way through the concert very very ill. I had a good time listening to the music although and got some okay photos. Josh and I went and talked with Sascha and Lucia after the concert. Lucia has been my rockstar idol since I was in highschool. She thanked me for the jewelry told me how sweet I was and that she would photograph it on her and email me the pictures. She said to keep in touch by email. That REALLY made my night complete. Oh, and she gives the best hugs in the world :P

Josh and Sascha

I got Joshs pic with Sascha too and Sascha lectured us about not voting. So I'm going to vote this year because kmfdm told me too :P He says that he's pissed because he wants to smoke in our bars. Haha. (its illegal to smoke inside public places in Canada) *edit*(for those of you who don't realize this, THAT was a joke. I'll start voting when I decide to not because KMFDM has any say in it)*/edit*

All in all I'm glad I went. Even though I was half zombified I feel content that I finally FINALLY got to meet Lucia. I'm only kicking myself that I didn't get a long sleeved kmfdm shirt. Maybe next year.

A few other photosCollapse )

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11:36am 16/09/2005

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Attention all KMFDM fans 
01:20pm 13/09/2005
Just recieved a promo copy of KMFDMs "Hau Ruck"

All I can say is


It's gonna be a bitch having to wait till the end of October to hear it live in the UK!

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Москва, 16 сентября (пятница), 23:00 - 06:00, клуб "Матрица" 
02:14am 13/09/2005
mood: hyper
16 сентября (пятница), 23:00 - 06:00, клуб "Матрица" Syncore Productions представляют: EVE OF DESTRUCTION party. В программе: Презентация нового альбома группы KMFDM "Hau Ruck"; Розыгрыш промо дисков нового альбома KMFDM; Показ нового двойного KMFDM "20th Anniversary World Tour 2004" DVD На вечеринке вас ожидает специальный сюрприз! Особенная лотерея от dj SECT'a ;) А также как всегда вас ждут Industrial, Rhythm & Noise, Gothic, EBM и Futurepop хиты от dj SECT и много-много KMFDM !!! Адрес клуба "Матрица": метро Китай-город, улица Варварка, дом 14 Выход к гостинице Россия, по подземному переходу направо, на улицу налево вдоль Китайгородской стены, затем направо в арку. Идти ОДНУ минуту от метро! Телефон клуба: 298-33-17 Вход 100 рублей по флаеру, 150 рублей без. Пиво - от 35 рублей Водка - 40 рублей Цены на весь алкоголь и на еду ОЧЕНЬ НИЗКИЕ! Также есть бильярдая комната.

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September 21st Premiere show? 
11:03pm 09/09/2005
  The september 21st "Premiere" show in seattle. Where is it? The spelling looks like it's a club, but I've never heard of a club called "Premiere" in seattle. There's a club called "Premier" but if that's where the show is, it's not listed on the events calendar for that place. Ticketmaster doesn't have tickets to the show on the 21st. Is it some sort of exclusive thing? I'm not on the mailing list, so maybe they've put out some info there.  

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Tim Skold's NEVERLAND ep 
01:37am 03/08/2005
  I'm selling Tim Skold's Neverland EP on eBay (just click that link) since I'm dirt poor. I would love to keep it, but desperate times call for desperate measure. :\


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11:50pm 10/06/2005
  LOL u fags got owned by marty and friends


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09:47pm 09/06/2005
  "Kickin' Ass Limited Edition Shirts in Small through XXL (XXXL Sold Out):"

KMFDM fanbois are fucking FAT

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11:07am 01/06/2005
  whats a juke joint?  

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05:52pm 25/05/2005
  Thanks for turning off comments, previous poster.

This entry will serve as the entry in which everyone can ridicule karmax for being a fanboi, because any critique of KMFDM, even constructive criticism means that KMFDM is a complete failure and always has been!

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Yeah... ok. 
01:34pm 25/05/2005
mood: annoyed
Ever feel like having a "fan community" on your lj, that does nothing except for consistantly ridicule, and bash the actual subject of it repeatedly? Or an lj community that completly negates the entire purpose for even signing up for it?

Of course you wouldn't.

Becuase no matter how much of an earth-shatteringly important point some of you people THINK you have, it's all still virtually useless to see the mind-drool of a few losers that update a useless group just to update their own personal tirades against a community they used to be fans of in the first place.

Throw in the fact that this mind-drool trickles in pointlessly about 2 times a year, and my freinds... you now have quite possibly the most useless lj community ever devised.
Whether you are necssessarly right or wrong about it, certainly dosn't make it any less of a waste of my time or anyone elses to post this crap.

I really could care the fuck less what Sascha does or says on his website, or what he's done with a band he was the focal point of from the beginning. I could give a shit how much Tim Skold or anyone else suppsedly made the band mainstream or whatever.
Just... who the fuck cares? The tired old "This band sold out. boo hoo" routine is just that. Tired... and fucking old. If one really feels this way, why give a shit any longer? Why even post anything? Why care?

And most importantly.. why expect everyone ELSE to fucking care?

WHo gives a fuck if KMFDM is mainstream, now. It's apparently not the first band to do this.. WOn't be the last, either. So if it happens, stop being an embittered pussy about it and move the fuck on.

It someone really feels this way it would probably be much more personally productive to stand in a room alone and bitch about it to themselves rather than post about it in an actual "fan community" that has turned into total shit itself.

at least that way that person would only be wasting their own time and not everyone elses.

If you don't like the band anymore and you think their music is total shit, don't fucking listen to it anymore. And don't think that bitching about something in a dead "fan community" matters that much more just becuase one has to bitch about it on an lj community that's already suffering from the terminal death wond of the band sucking so badly.
If you don't like the fact that the band sells their own shirts on their own site, then by god, don't buy any.
What's exactly to be gained by bitching about this again?

Oh that's right.... Nothing. Absoutly nothing.

That is besides being a huge-ass waste of time talking shit about Sachsa, whose perogotive.. surprsingly enough.. isn't centered around actually having to give a shit.

Go figure, eh?

If KMFDM sucks so badly, delete or leave the fucking community and go do something productive.

Like making your own band and maybe trying to do a better job yourself?

Just a helpful suggestion to think about rather than wasting time with a community that has virtually no reason to exist anymore.
That's why i've removed this group. For no other reason that I can use LJ for slightly more productive means rather than having my time wasted in such a manner having to read this angst-filled, bitchy, embittered bullshit on my freinds page.
11:49am 25/05/2005
  More Konietzko idiocy from yesterday's OH SO IMPORTANT KMFDM FIELD COMMUNICATION

Some details about this 2 DVD set are as follows: Disc One contains 16 videos, 8 professionally shot and 8 from FanKam footage, along with Kommentary and extras. Disc Two contains over an hour of behind-the-scenes tour footage and numerous extras including band bios, tour journals, etc. Exact details of the kontents of the DVD will be available in the KMFDM Store when preorders begin

So basicly knowing Sascha's quality of turning out shitty live DVDs OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS it's going to be 16 DV overly dark videos with lots of ghosting and 8 shakeycam videos that are even darker with more shitty artifacting.

'Behind the Scenes' footage, like the rest of the ridiculous post-Rieflin KMFDM stuff is probably just a lot of drunkenness played out for 'over and hour.' Band bios of course is probably the same stupid onepage shit as the past DVDs only it talks about the mad destructive genius of KMFDM DOIN IT FOR THE FANS FOR 20 YEARS (the 14-20 year olds who went to the concert this year that is).

Even more LOL

The Nihil 10th Anniversary Shirt is SOLD OUT! Thanks for helping us celebrate this great milestone.

So wait, KMFDM's 'largest selling' record being now 10 years old has to be a 'great milestone?' You know, Sascha you could have done many things with the Nihil record to 'celebrate' it. How about say, RE-RELEASE IT since all the WaxTrax!/TVT records are now out of print. Even though most fans probably already have it since you're in the process of pandering to kids who only just heard of KMFDM maybe two years ago, I don't think many would have the record. But enjoy that t-shirt in the endless line of other shitty t-shirts.

I mean who honestly cares that KMFDM's quality as a band is shite now, you better get those shirts and other merch out so you can write more lyrics about how KKKAPITALISM AND COROPORAPE-TIONS are killing society and how the youth should revolt and FUCK RIP THE FUCKING SYSTEM MOTHERFUCKERS am I right?

The KMFDM Store now has Kickin' Ass Limited Edition Shirts. They are available in sizes Small to XXXL. A strictly limited design, once sold out they will NEVER be printed again.

A cool design but I'd prefer if it was red like the 12" cover. I'd better rush to order it now since it's STRICTLY LIMITED AND WILL NEVAR BE PRINTED AGAIN OH NOES just like the other one of shirts you've been selling. I wonder if this one will be cafe press quality too? Also LOL at XXXL fatties.

The Attak CD is now available bundled with the Boots CD for $18.50 ($2.50 off):

Hmm, are the shirts and KMFDM STORE DOT NET collector's limited edition pins and skateboard not selling well so you have to knock off the prices of the things that might actually matter, like the music?

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12:51am 30/04/2005
mood: curious
Alright, let's see if I can line this out shortly. My mother, an old punk rocker, told me some years back about this song she heard in the mid-80s. One of her friends told her that, according to her description, it was old KMFDM, from a demo...but she didn't know what the song was called. The woman didn't say, but my guess is that the demo was Opium. We want to figure out which song it is, since Opium is not readily available at the moment (haha, funny).

So basically, my mother's description was that the song was very creepy and kind of noisey...I think she said a female voice in the song started counting, and something about the line "someone is watching me"? Something like that, at least. There's a chance that this isn't KMFDM at all, but if you guys have any idea, all three of us would greatly appreciate it.

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08:11pm 13/03/2005

meh... I was bored. So I decided to whip up a kmfdm tribute/parody thing....


I call it kind of a parody, becuase you pretty much have all of the KMFDM design cliques. Some kinda minamilist design.... the obligitory use of blatant, almost clever political satire... lots of blank space... A somewhat catchy but weird slogan... :P

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09:42am 13/03/2005

Banner I made. Feel free to use it however.


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02:47pm 07/03/2005
  Sorry if this isn't allowed, if not, please feel free to delete it.

Theres a new community for the neo-Medieval dirge band Unto Ashes. Unto Ashes are primarily focused on the exploration of beauty and terror in the realms of shadow and loss. They utilize acoustic and synthetic instruments to produce a foreboding gloom-scape of trance and drone; many of their songs are hauntingly beautiful, a dark harvest of abandonment and failure.

Currently looking for new moderators. Check them out!



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03:15pm 04/02/2005
  Psst. Hi PIG fans.

Have you seen the video for Watts - Arbor Vitate? (if not, click here)

We all know it's a rehash of the Schaft song.

But guess what? It's also a rehash of the Schaft video, but with less content!

Have a great day.

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